1,799 AED Turkey
1,799 AED Georgia
1,999 AED Georgia
2,299 AED Malaysia
2,399 AED Greece
2,499AED Thailand
2,599 AED Tbilisi
2,699 AED Paris
2,699 AED Singapore
2,699AED Hong Kong
2,799AED Amsterdam
2,799 AED Bangkok & Phuket
2,940 AED Sri Lanka
2,999AED Singapore
2,999AED Zanzibar
2,999 AED Morocco
3,199 AED Makkah & Medina
3,299AED Croatia
3,299AED Denmark
3,299 AED Sri Lanka
3,399AED Malaysia
3,399AED Italy
3,399AED South Korea
3,499AED Slovenia
3,499AED Bali
3,599 AED Italy
3,699 AED Singapore & Malaysia
3,699 AED Indonesia
3,799AED Mauritius
3,999AED Seychelles
4,199AED Maldives
4,799 AED Japan
4,899AED Japan
4,999AED Ireland
5,299 AED France & the Netherlands
6,499AED USA
6,699 AED Switzerland
7,299 AED Switzerland
7,299 AED Korea
7,299 AED Gold Coast
7,799 AED USA
9,499 AED Canada

Al Naboodah Travel & Tourism Agencies LLC

Part of one of the UAE’s most renowned and innovative groups, the Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group, Al Naboodah Travel is a dynamic travel and tourism company with a reputation for quality and excellence, in all aspects of the travel industry.

Founded in 1973, Al Naboodah Travel has grown into one of the most respected and trusted travel partners in the Emirates, taking care of all your travel needs, from airline tickets, holiday packages and corporate services to tailor-made itineraries. We are committed to delivering a world class service through strategic joint ventures and expansion programmes with a global network of key international players.

Al Naboodah Travel represents some of the world’s most renowned airlines - Air France, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air Canada, Air Zimbabwe and United Airways (BD) Limited.

Al Naboodah Travel is a member of the Travel and Tourism Agencies Council (ATTAC) and fully IATA accredited.

A member of Dubai Travel and Tour Agents Group (DTTAG), Ras Al Khaimah Travel, Tourism and Cargo Agents Business Group (RAKTAG) and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the company is ISO certified.