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Adrenaline Rush Adventures with Al Naboodah Travel

Life is so full of adrenaline-fuelled adventures that choosing your next trip can be pretty tough. To help you decide, we’ve chosen five jaw-dropping places with action-packed activities that are guaranteed to get your heart pounding!

From rookie travellers to fully-fledged adrenaline junkies, come dive into a world of exhilaration with Al Naboodah Travel. Where will you get your fill of thrills?

Kayaking in Indonesia

For a perfect blend of kayaking, snorkelling and wandering the wilderness, we turn to Indonesia. Is there a better way to experience the idyllic island views than from a kayak on crystal-clear waters?

RECOMMENDED: While in the region, plan an excursion to Komodo National Park to witness the majesty of the komodo dragons.

Mountain biking in Morocco

Morocco has some of the most challenging cycling routes you will find – and some of the most rewarding. We suggest you head to the High Atlas mountains for the best of the bunch. Test your physical limits on the ascents before soaking up the North African scenery on glorious downhill trails.

Via Ferrata in Austria

Experience the splendour of the Alps like never before on Austria’s ‘Iron Roads’. These mountain routes allow adventurers to reach new heights whilst remaining safely secured to permanent fixtures in the rock. Choose from over 500 Via Ferratas located around Austria and take your thrill-seeking to the next level.

Cage diving in South Africa

Looking to raise your heartrate? Try getting up close and personal with one of South Africa’s most notorious predators. Thrill-seekers who cage dive off the coast of Cape Town will get to encounter Great White sharks face-to-face – a memory that is likely to last a lifetime.

Paragliding in Slovakia

Overlooked and underrated, Slovakia has more to offer than most people realise. We recommend a climb to the mountaintops – and then beyond – for a paragliding story you will be telling for years to come. When you finally touch down in luscious green meadows we guarantee you will be thirsty for more.

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